welcome to equilibrium215

ellenville-nyhere you will find a plethora of items
that wind their way through the various categories
like concurrent county roads meeting in different towns
as thoughts make their way way through levels of consciousness
some are more linear (and even punctuated!) as they focus on pragmatic topics that engage the business of us staying alive & well
others will wander…as i do through the woods…in exploration of the overlapping layers of reality & possibility that are our life
as reality and possibility are interwoven over time so too are the straight line and the curve through distant space

here on Center
there’s a woods out back
built up on a hill of the Shawangunk Conglomerate of white quartz & sandstone
cemented from sediment to stone over passing ages
the North Gully carries the freshest water down through the ravine
more and less directly and exponentially proportionate to what we receive from above
we have a shop and storage in the barn
and a fire most nights to nourish the body & spirit
this balance of elements is the whole of us

here online
i write what i believe
without pretending to know anything
simply holding up for eyes to see
the visions of wonder that unfold before me
a wise man once told me that in order to get along in this world
it is important to plant your perspective in the ground and hurl it out into the universe
the truth of this stands tallest when in the hurling we understand that we are at best guessing with eyes wide open
i am neophyte in the world of blogging
dragged puttering & muttering into age of technology
so there will be many adjustments as time and information unfold


i’m a builder by nature
home renovations
theatrical scenic elements & theatres themselves
even plays…offering dramaturgical perspective based on 30 years of reading & developing thousands of pieces

and i build from the ground up
beginning with nothing but an idea & maybe an object or 2
taking into consideration what spawned the idea
the existing tendencies of human need and desire
the practical actualities of the situation
visioning what the intended fruit might look like
through to the ripe plum itself
learning ever more along the way
about the people and objects that live on that particular path

i can build most anything on spec and add recommendations if you please
click on the “projects” button above for more info & to see past & current examples

1st Glimpse

my conversations with The Mother that come in that moment between sleep and consciousness
before the ego really kicks in
when i sit above the creek with coffee & a tobacco
feel the quality of the new day
and give thanks


if you wanna know more about me and my 50 years of wackiness
that’s what the “about” button is for
also you’ll find contact info for me & Equilibrium 215


click here to see
that strike my fancy & encourage my hope


for now
i am focusing on:

walkin’ with The Mother (home page) – She is the home we all come from and where we return…the essential commonality.  walkin’ with Her for 2 weeks on the Appalachian Trail is a root of Equilibrium 215 & my investment in being on Center.  simply walkin’…one step at a time.

our (not-so-evolving)social contract – while the human species has been on the planet for awhile, i’m not sure we’ve fully navigated kindergarten yet.  so while wanderin’, i find dynamics in the natural world that we seem to have forgotten (or chosen to ignore), which exemplify life workin’ together as one. this is the essence of social justice that we seem to have difficulty integrating into our life together.

the theatre – notices & perspectives from off-broadway & indie theatre in NYC and reflections on 30 years in the artform ranging from early addiction to my current tenuous love-hate relationship

from the home front – news and ideas that grow out of the development of our own little piece of the planetary pie, along with ideas and discoveries from projects and other renovaters. Entries will particularly follow the path of my growth in understanding the dynamics of sustainable living in unity with The Mother

an extra special shout out of thanks to my big bro for his assistance in developing this site. you can find him online at B-creative.com

thanks for stoppin’ in

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