Up In Arms

I’ve listened to all the chatter


And that’s the the most tactful way I can refer to the emissions from the media, politicians, and other yahoos – purported to be authorities charged with the care of our society – in regards to the latest shooting of multiple people.  Once again, I am am bumfuzzled at our compulsion to dance around a core issue with convolutions of conversation, skimming the surface to chase rabbits into thickets of arguments about what truly are foregone conclusions to a rational mind.  All the while, children are crying out and more people are dying daily.

I have heard one voice

rise above the din of bump stocks and “hardening” schools and age restrictions, to address the actual cause of the consistent reign of bullets.  Mark Barden, of Sandy Hook Promise, is the only person I have heard refer to mental health and wellness as the path to healing the rash of gun violence.  Beyond his voice, all I hear are vague inferences to the mentally ill as some leprous segment of the population…and that’s on liberal-left news.  Hell, we’re all mentally ill to some degree, so let’s form a club and make the most neurotic narcissist the president.  Our 2-sided obsession with instruments of destruction is mental illness.  Our social order is built on varying layers division, so when anybody gets any assistance it comes from the bosom of individual human kindness.  Were we a society of care, if The shooting at Sandy Hook happened at all, the call of Sandy Hook Promise would have been immediately integrated into the social fabric.  Instead, far too often still, people who experience extreme challenges with mental functions are left to fend for themselves. The very dissociation exhibited in the case of the young man who shot up Stoneman Douglas HS is endemic of the cause of not only gun violence, but you pick a social ill and I’ll bet it comes back to that…not the least of which is a federal legislature that fiddles its purse strings while the country burns up from the inside out.  It is impossible to exert power over an informed, included, and nourished populace.

Of course bump stocks should be controlled, as should any level of automatic weaponry.  Handguns too.  But a bump stock doesn’t kill people – it is simply an inanimate object.  The human action upon the object is what leads to death.  So real questions are, what is the fascination with destruction that would cause its invention in the first place?  Is that destructive tendency of the same stuff as that which desires power?  Sadly, we usually take the easy path and chalk it up to human nature.  The truth is, human nature is what we make of it.  Our minds have an aptitude that allows us to be what we choose.  So why do we choose to waste ourselves on this ridiculous discussion over and over, and others like it?

I applaud the youth of America

for raising their voices in indignation over gun violence in their schools.  They have moved the needle with their commitment.  I wish for them the awareness and temerity to demand, in the same way an education that will stimulate their minds to the expansion required to engage deeper questions that lead to more creative living.

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