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we have now been through 2 major Mid-Atlantic storms in 2 years
and we seem to have found ourselves in the right places at the right times

here’s a bit from my email of 8/28/11 titled “Waltzin’ With Irene”

the 1st stage of rebuilding from the impact of Irene

written in the Lafayette Theatre at 45 Bleeker St in Manhattan

“nothin much
all in all pretty much a non-event here in the Village
some floodin around town by the rivers & harbors
but as far as I could tell no big wind here
i just noticed that the super left a couple of plastic crates outside his entrance…they went undisturbed”

in my haste to batten down our hatches i had left my screw gun sittin’ outside on an air handler unit
when i found it the next morning it was still standin there upright where i had left it

we weathered Sandy upstate
the combination of being on the outskirts of the storm & sheltered by the Shawangunk Ridge left us pretty unscathed
while some of our neighbors at higher elevations got hit with fallen trees
we never even saw that much wind
in fact
down by the creek it was eerily still at times while the tree tops on the ridge were whippin’ pretty good
creek didn’t even rise as much as it did a couple weeks before with the volume a simple rain storm

so while Irene was battering the hell outta the Catskills
wipin’ out small towns altogether & flooding pretty much every valley including the ravine of our prospective new home
we got little impact in the city
Sandy flipped the deal
(with the exception those in the immediate Hudson Valley and higher elevations who have suffered through both now)

Sandy didn't get the creek up this high. Note our wedding tree in full color


we had all our our preparations in order
genny primed & full of gas
camp stoves & ice chests handy
gathered up everything from the yard (a rather large quantity) and stuffed it into the barn
spent most of Sunday patchin’ the barn roof to try to stem that tide and settin’ up a breakwall on our creekside patio
it all felt like pissin’ into the wide frankly
it always does to me
as i stand in the present gazing at a forceful future
i realize how puny i am
how deeply i rely on grace
no matter what i do i am at the mercy of the Power of Our Mother

so we try to encourage that relationship as best we can

this becomes even clearer as we look at the devastation
i went over to Connecticut to return my pal’s chainsaw & use it to help another pal clean his driveway & yard of trees
from I-684  over through Bedford and into CT it was like drivin’ a gymkhana through a dystopian forest
dodgin’ downed trees & power lines
not to mention the maniacs who were still in a hurry to get somewhere for some reason
i had to re-route on High Ridge Rd where 2 stands of trees…1 from either side had blocked it off completely
and with the power down there was no gas to be had from Brewster to Westport, CT

and lookin’ at pics on the news last night…they were covering Staten Island pretty heavily…finally
some folks yachts parked in other peoples houses
i am reminded of  a passage i found on
when we were researching words for the tree planting segment of our wedding
(we planted a beautiful 7 year old northern red oak who is doin’ swell)
i found the aforementiond page with various passages including this from “The Wisdom of Trees” by Jane Gifford

The oak reminds us all that the strength to prevail, come what may, lies in an open mind and a generous spirit. Inflexibility, however, is the oak’s one weakness and the tree is prone to lose limbs in storms. The oak therefore carries the warning that stubborn strength that resists will not endure and may break under strain.

Statan Island aftermath from Nat Geo News Watch. Good article too




our thoughts and prayers go out to those inundated with troubles…
both from Sandy as well as those we’ve forgotten about due to her drama du jour
cause the big wheel keeps on turnin’ & life goes on…with and without us

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  • rkevinbartlett says:

    yeah. the NOAA has mentioned new wind currents up here that are possibly adding to our late summer/autumn storm dynamics. that is at least part of their explaination for our double whammies the past 2 years. it’s funny (not ha-ha) how some people forget about Lee’s follow up to Irene in 2011 that added to the flooding in the Catskills like the Nor’easter (i refuse to join the naming of winter storms craze) did with Sandy on the coastal areas. thanx to all for your presence.

  • Rob Bartlett says:

    as climate changes, weather will challenge us more and more, if only because weather will strike places in ways people are not accustomed to. from a Gulf Coast perspective, the devastation on Jersey shore looks “typical.” yet the Gulf Coast never has winter storms and blizzards right behind hurricanes either. we echo Karen’s and Dave’s relief that the Holy-Bartlett domain and its inhabitants were spared the worst of Sandy.

  • Karen and Dave says:

    Great photo of the wedding tree amidst swirling waters that were not there on the Big Day. So glad you chose the 13th over the 27th and I bet you are too!

    We are very happy and relieved that Sandy left you two alone. Hope that others who weren’t as fortunate have speedy recoveries.