measuring cup


i like usin' my baby's jadite. the tablespoon reminds of the ones we had when i was a kid

her old man asked me…
“how do know when the meat is done?”

i gave him some bullshit answer that i can’t even remember now
cause in that moment
i didn’t actually know how i knew

his interest
i’m sure
was 2-fold
he’s a helluva meat chef himself
best smoked turkey i ever ate came outta his smoker
he gauges his cooking temperature & the temp of the meat
with a fine tooth comb
he is concerned that the meat is done properly
for both the value of the flavor
and cause he’s cautious of bacteria 

i’ve been mullin’ this since he posed the question
noticing how i cook…amongst other things

this is how the fire sees me

it seems to be in the relationship of things…forces
the heat of a particular fire
which is impacted by the species of wood being burned
and the way wood is layed for the fire
the kind of meat and who it is for…how they like it
the outside temperature
i seem to sense it more than anything


i’ve been cookin’ on an open fire for sometime now
and no 2 fires are the same
now I’ve got a fire pit in the backyard
i cook out 4 or 5 nights a week in most all weather
and i think cookin’ is pretty much like anything else…
it depends how how you choose to approach it
and what matters to you

the security of the measuring cup or the wonder of immediate dynamics

when i do cook indoors it’s usually baking
or cause it’s pissin’ rain
now baking is relatively new to me
i don’t really know a whole lot about how things go together yet
so i follow the recepits
i use the measuring cups and the tablespoons
as i learn
i tweak to my taste
and i begin to branch out
i’ve figured out that 3/4 cup of peanut butter is about a half a jar
and boy i hate cleanin’ peanut butter out of anything
so i scrape it straight outta the jar into the cookie dough

reference points make your day
hell you can’t find the bathroom when you get outta bed without ’em
some are more innate or memorized and some we have to find in the moment
thing is…the more we act out of habit and rote
the less we consider and grow to understand the dynamics of our natural world
it’s quicker and easier and lord knows i don’t wanna spend a whole lot of time findin’ the bathroom
but beyond that
i do want to discover the day
get to know my fire
smell the meat bein’ done
taste that apple pie to see what the extry bit o cinnamon did to the overall flavor
i wanna feel the weather 

she says i brought this home from a rewire gig i did on a prewar house in Jersey


we have this thermometer
an old Weksler…1950s i think…40s maybe
but i don’t know how the damn thing works
it’s got a “HEAT” tube and a “COLD” tube
and the mercury in each side stays constantly about 10 degrees apart
i’ve been playin’ it over against other gauges
sometimes the actual temperature is in the middle of the 10 degree range
sometimes its more toward the high end
but i can’t seem to nail down any consistent dynamic
as i’ve been noodlin’ around with that
i seem to have oriented myself more toward feeling the day
i guess i look at the thermometer 1st
then i sit out a bit and look at the creek awhile
then i’ll double check with the car or
and discover that there is a variance in all of those bits of information which leads me to…
what the fuck?
it all depends on where you are in a moment and the source of your information

it’s colder down by the creek than up by the house
unless it’s the middle of the afternoon with sun beatin’ down on the rocks and the porch in the shade
unless it’s really hot and the humidity is up
also i can pull out of the driveway and head up the hill and it might be colder or warmer up there
depending on the moment
that’s what my experience with Our Mother tells me

i enjoy being an integral part of a new day
it keeps me on my toes
raise my level of awareness
keeps me from being afraid of things over which i have no control
which is most everything
except for what i do right now this minute


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