Life Happens

Goin' home

Goin’ home

holy crap
it’s such a while since i’ve been on here
with all y’all
but life happens
and just keeps on happenin’

leaves keep poppin’ outta branches
get big
change color
and fall off the tree
then make their way back into the Earth
to turn back into nutrition for the tree
so she can grow more leaves

i been doing things
makin’ things
encouraging things to happen

since last time i was here…


FringeMASCOT 2013

1 of my favorite community events of the year
The New York Int’l Fringe Festival has come and gone
with much ado about all things creative and humane

we’ve been to Amsterdam and back
to see their Fringe Festival
and to pick up tulip bulbs to go with our hydrangeas

various and sundry jobs have flown by
that keep the face fed & the roof up over head
a bit of painting
flame resistance
building this and that
and lots of salvaging that has filled the barn to overflowing
so i’m reworking the projects page of EQ 215 to add photos of all that is going on

not to mention the onslaught of the NCAA football season (BOOMER SOONER)
and the outset of the MLB postseason (GO Cardinals)



and not the least of the goings on is…

we’ve adopted 2 beauties
scruffy Westies
Daisy & JuneBug
who have already brought us hours of joy and wonder
at 6 years old
they have been together most of their lives according to reports
and witnessed
by their common unison of action



we laugh
we love
we learn



sometimes it’s hard to reach out
beyond the very intimate & immediate moments that engulf us

we are intertwined as forest vines winding our way thru each other

we are intertwined
as forest vines
winding our way thru each other

but it is important to do so
for our Blue Orb is not so big
and though it might be infinite
our universe is woven together
with fine thread
that can easily be torn
by rash acts of disregard
and the absence of consideration
so as we go
may we acknowledge the life that rings us
and take the moments we have
to let go of the gnarly angst of pressure
to share the love we receive
and give thanks

thank you

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