(pardon my tardiness in posting…took me awhile to get the pics together)

sure as the sunrise
tomorrow we begin our journey back around to the other side of that very ball of fire
that peaks its face over our horizon each morning

well...this is sunset in the Sandburg Valley but you get the idea

nothin’ new
done it a few billion times…give or take a billion
so i guess we know the way pretty well
all the same though since life unfolds in nuance i’m not so sure fact is… you never know

nice sunny day today chilly but not too cold
my plan was to build a fire tonight out back to celebrate the passing of autumn into winter
let the burning oak be my guide from the gathering season
on into the quiet time of water
lo and behold
we’ve got rain tonight…not too great for fires out of doors though it might yet turn to snow
cause the drops are a little chunky now
we’ll see

sure enough as soon as i went back outside the water had body
beautiful full flakes of white winter wonder
and overdue according to the norm and this year’s Farmer’s Almanac
i stepped back outside after cleaning up in the barn for a bit and damned if it hadn’t turned back to rain

here's a leaf with a hole in it

fact is…ya never know til the moment hits
the turning of the season…according to whoever dictates that 12:11am December 21st
fine with me…seems right…sounds good
except my baby’s not here
so we’ll acknowledge the turning together later
and i’ve still got some work to do tonight
and i don’t keep to the clock all that carefully
which brings to my mind one thing
all the plots and plans
the faiths and adherence
the ideologies and demagoguery
the rituals and worship
really don’t mean dick
except in as much as they move us toward the exploration of truth

the myopic view all up inside the hole

as soon as they harden (which often they do)
in our very act of of investment in the mechanism
what began as an expression of belief and wonderment
prevents us from actually exploring
experiencing the moments of life with those we love
hell…with those we don’t even know
and with those we despise or disagree with
the patterns and processes so easily take from us
the one thing we might cherish most
cause…see…we never know what the truth actually is
or when or how it might touch us
so isn’t it a shame to lose any opportunity to share a moment that might be truth
all of the truths i’ve ever met
hit me over the head from behind when i wasn’t lookin’ for ’em
when i let go of my God of Judgement & was simply engaged with the wonder of another

Water working it's wonderful winter magic

i hope all y’all have a beautiful winter
full of remembering who you are
snow or no
cold or warm
may the power of water will it’s way into the tiny cracks of your soul
to bust up the well worn channels some
open up your mind & heart
and temper your burning desires into that which feeds your need
and that of those around you
as we move on toward the next season of growth

oh by the way
no fire tonight
too damn wet
raccoon & i thanked our Mother at 12:34
he for the Silk to lap up & a bit of warmth
i for the opportunity to be standing here in awe tonight
cocked on the obliquity of the eliptic at the far end of the path


extry special thanx to my baby for the beautiful photos

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