About Kevin

some things are meant to be rigid
water slowed to stasis
cause ya gotta have something to skate on
a surface you can rely on
and ya don’t wanna water down your liquor too quick

and sometimes you want the flow
a tree that grows around a stone
dancing with the wind
and reaching earth-born fingers through the ever-evolving landscape

Kevin Bartlettfast and slow
together & alone
the 1 thing is the point of focus
following the joy of 2
and backed by the center
home in the Earth
balancing the aspects of life to encourage growth

as for me
’bout 4 years ago my baby & me were campin up in Maine
after a grueling year of makin’ things happen in NYC
took me 2 days just to wind down to the point where i could sit
just sit
as the week wore on
and my sittin’ became meltin’ into to Her arms
the pull of the world was tuggin’ at me
back to the city
i really didn’t wanna get back into the bustle
this is how i wanna live all the days of my now dwindling life”
rolled across in front of my 3rd eye
sittin’ right in the middle of Her wonder
cookin’ over an open fire
the seed of Equilibrium 215 was planted right there
in Cobscook Bay State Park
and buried deep in the dirt of my grey matter
some seeds take longer to gestate than others
but after enough pressure of too much work with too many people in too little space
a good waterin’ on the Appalachian Trail for 2 weeks in June 2011
up come a sprout

now i don’t mind workin’ & workin’ hard
have done all my life
my Okie folks instilled the work ethic with chores & by example
and taught me to relate responsibly to my environment
but it’s important to know what you’re workin’ for & to identify the truth of people & places & things that surround
to discover what makes you sing
Thalia & Melpomene made me sing (hell…holler & scream) for 25 years
still do to some extent
i’m a bit on the outs now with a communal art form in which most of the community is behaving like businessmen
but to take a text…or create one
invest life-blood & muscle tissue into words
to encourage its thoughts and ideas to blossom into the fruit of action
that must be shared with others
of thee i still sing

i took up the trades to pay for the aforementioned habit
(when the actors’ union has a 90% unemployment rate you better have somethin’ to fall back on)
started out as a painter of walls
met a man in Denver…Slim…a true artist & craftsman
who mentored me in the way of renovating a space into a home that means something to someone
from the pragmatics of using tools & engineering
to understanding the values of human relations with space and object and desire
i learned to express others’ desires in
not so much with the plumbing…li’l bit
most of all though
he taught me how to approach problems…contradictions if you will
by investing time and consideration to the issue
to follow its course variously
back through the past and into the future to see the effects of choices
interestingly much like an actor approaching a character

whether on a motorbike haulin’ someone else’s shit in LA
or dancin’ naked and alone in the middle of the desert spring
it is the impact of actions completed
and the effects we wish to be
that dictate our conscious choices in the present moment
no matter what you do 

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